Head Girl & Head Boy Applications

Please read the application instructions below.

The Littlehampton Academy
Student Leadership (Lead Position)


The Head Boy and Head Girl, their Deputies, the Senior Prefect Team and other members of
the Student Parliament serve to inspire and motivate other students within the academy.
They are the faces of TLA and are expected to model the highest quality behaviour, work
ethic and maturity. They will work closely with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and
students at all Student Parliament meetings, overseeing agendas and implementing ‘change’
by collaboration with all stake-holders within the academy and local community. They will be
available for meetings with our Sponsors, Woodard Academy Trust (WAT) and with
community/parent groups. They will need to attend academy events, liaising with staff,
parents and students.
These positions are open for applicants from Year 10 and the official handover will take
place during assembly on Tuesday 21 May. There will be a period of handover between the
current team and the successful applicants. The role will begin on Monday 3 June.

Application process

Students in Year 10 are invited to write a formal letter of application by email to
jbaker@tla.woodard.co.uk or by hard copy to Mr Thomas (Principal) addressing the role
description, person specification (see below) highlighting any ideas you may have for
supporting the future development of TLA. The closing date for applications is Friday
3 May at 2pm. Shortlisting will take place week commencing 6 May and shortlisted
candidates will be invited to address the academy at an assembly on Tuesday 14 May.
Formal interviews will take place in the Principal’s office on Thursday 16 and Friday 17
May. Mr Thomas, Mr Sanderson & Ms Bridle will be on the panel and the successful
candidates will be notified on Friday 17 May. For an informal discussion about the role,
please speak to Mr Sanderson (Chapel).

Outline of Application process.

Tuesday 2 April Application process for Head Girl/ Boy open
Friday 3 May Closing date for applications
w/c Monday 6 May Shortlisting Process
Wednesday 8 May Shortlisted candidates notified
Tuesday 14 May Whole school assembly, presentation by shortlisted candidates.
Wed 15 & Thurs 16 May Student & Staff poll during tutor time.
Thurs 16 & Fri 17 May Formal interviews (in the Principal’s office)
Friday 17 May Successful candidates notified
Tuesday 21 May Official handover in assembly

Person Specification

❖ Excellent role model in behaviour / work ethic / maturity
❖ Respected by peers and staff
❖ Strong Leadership and the ability to inspire others
❖ Work well in a team
❖ Excellent time-management and very good organisational skills
❖ Strong public speaker and able to talk confidently and appropriately to
parents, staff and students
❖ Polite and reliable
❖ Clear judgement and confident to represent the views of others
❖ Responsible
❖ Respectful
❖ Persevering
❖ High expectations of self and others

Role Description

Main Duties (to be reviewed with the successful candidates)

❖ Represent the academy at events e.g. to give key presentations and
speeches about TLA, to prospective parents and students at Open Evening.
❖ To lead and monitor the duties/actions of the Senior Prefect Team
❖ Lead the student body across all aspects of the academy
❖ Speak on behalf of the student body as requested by SLT at academy events
❖ Meet with SLT regularly for reflection, update and feedback (frequency of
meetings TBD with successful candidates)
❖ Meet with SLT/WAT/Community and Parent Reference Groups when
❖ Host meetings with student leaders from other Woodard Academies/schools if
❖ Plan the agenda for Student Parliament meetings and chair these meetings
❖ Monitor progress and impact of Student Parliament, Year Voice and Student
Ambassadors / Prefects
❖ Work closely with other students regarding the development of the academy.

Additional Duties (to be reviewed with the successful candidates)

❖ To be involved in developing the tutor time programme.
❖ To be internal and external ambassadors for the academy and to act as role
models for all students.
❖ To greet important visitors to TLA.
❖ To plan and present at least one assembly to all year groups
❖ Supporting the organisation of the year 11 prom
❖ Supporting the organisation of the year 5 and 6 taster/transition weeks
❖ Support charity and fund-raising events
❖ Other key duties, as allocated by senior members of staff and student
leadership co-ordinator